[Treatment of progressive muscular dystrophy].


The paper summarizes experience in treating 306 patients with progressive muscular dystrophy during different phases of the disease. The treatment was made with due consideration for a disturbed protein metabolism, a decreased permeability of the membrane in muscular filaments, a normalization of the metabolic product supply from the blood, improvement of the blood flow and cardio-vascular and respiratory insufficiency. The treatment was carried out in the form of a continuous use in in- and out-patient conditions of a session of anabolic hormones, vascular dilatative drugs, anticholinesterase preparations, amino acids, vitamins, drugs facilitating the cardio-vascular and respiratory activity. Besides, the patients were treated by oxygenobarotherapy, muscular electrostimulation by currents of sound frequencies, remedial gymnastics, massage, hypdrotherapy, etc. The authors propose typical treatment complexes. A follow-up study of patients who received a full course of therapy during three years demonstrated its effectiveness which was expressed by the absence of clinical signs of progressiveness.


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